TLC Waiver

I warrant that my dog is suitable to be in the care of TLC for Pets pet resort and is not aggressive towards people or other animals, to the best of my knowledge. My dog is obedient and capable of following reasonable basic instructions.

I will advise in advance of boarding, any problems with my pet which could affect its behavior, health, suitability for a communal living environment.

I understand that TLC for Pets will not accept dogs unless they have been spayed or neutered.

I understand that there are risks involved in having my dog cared for by TLC for Pets.

In the event of serious illness or injury, I authorize TLC for Pets to contact my veterinarian and to proceed on their advice. If your vet can not be reached the on-call vet will be contacted. Every effort will be made to contact the owners or their emergency contact to advise of any situation that may occur.

I understand and agree the TLC for Pets is not responsible for any illness or injury to my dog(s), given the fact that every precaution under TLC for Pets control is taken to prevent same.

I understand that having my dog(s) in the company of other dogs may involve risks regarding the contraction of illness.

I understand that even regular vaccinations will not completely guard against illness and disease. TLC for Pets can not in any way prevent, nor are they responsible, for any illness that my dog(s) might contract.

I will ensure that my dog is, and will be kept currently vaccinated. I agree to provide proof of current vaccinations.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility that my dog has been vaccinated against ticks, fleas, and lice prior to boarding at TLC for Pets. Should my dog return with fleas, ticks or lice, TLC for Pets is not liable in any way. While this vaccination is not required to board at TLC for Pets it is highly recommended due to the pets being mixed.

I acknowledge that I have read and will abide by the Rules and Regulations of TLC for Pets

TLC for Pets takes responsibility for security, care and caution, cleanliness, exercise, feeding and affection during my absence.