For as long as I can remember I have loved dogs. Big dogs little dogs you name them I just loved them. A few years ago when my friend got her dogs I used to ride along to TLC pet resort with her to pick them up after their day at doggie daycare. I watched in awe at all the dogs and how they interacted.

When I decided to get my own dog I had to figure out where she would go when I worked and hardest of all who would help socialize my anxious pup. Tammy, Denis and their amazing staff helped my dog gypsy with her anxiety, slowly introduced her to other dogs and helped me with ways to promote her independence. That was a year and a half ago. Today my dog is happy healthy and loved by all the TLC pet staff.

I have left my dog when I have gone out of town with ease and gypsy even had her second birthday party at TLC with all her human and four legged friends included. Gypsy now attends 4-5 days a week at TLC pet resort. I love knowing I can go to work and my dog gets fresh air, a large fenced area with a pond and many friends to play with. I am grateful not only to Tammy and Denis but all of the amazing caregivers at TLC pet resort for caring and loving my dog on a daily basis. I can only say the kindest of words about this wonderful facility.

— Love Katerina and Gypsy

Joey our little Multi-poo loved going to TLC Pet Resort. When we would turn onto Edith Lake Rd, he would always stand up and look out the window and his little tail would start wagging and he would start get so excited. He also seemed to know what to do once in the resort, he would follow you down the isle till you turned into his room and put his bed down. He would climb up onto his bed and do his circles till he found the right spot and would lay down and look up at us as if to say, bye mom and see you later.

Last Sept, 2011 we had to attend a wedding in Portland, Oregon. We left Joey and his best friend Brewzer with Tammy. Early one morning Tammy found Joey not doing so well, at the ripe old age of almost 17, his little body started to shut down, his wonderful little life was ending. Tammy cleaned him up and wrapped him in a warm blanket and had someone stay with him while she went to call me. Tammy phoned me right away to let me know, he was not doing so good. And asked if she could take him to the vet just to make sure his was not suffering and that something else wasn’t wrong. When she arrived at the vets, the vet told her that is was just his time. She called me again on her cell phone long distance to Portland from the vet to let me talk to Joey as he slowly fell asleep. She stayed with him right to the end. Tammy was even so thoughtful as to take a picture of him before he passed away, all wrapped up in a blue blanket. We miss that little guy so much, and I wish I was the one with him, but unfortunately I could not be there. I am so grateful for the tender loving kindness she showed towards our little man. We miss you so much Little Joey.

Thank you Tammy for being who you are; a wonderful, loving, caring person, that love’s all of Gods creatures.

— Joe, Renae Green from Merritt, BC

TLC Pet Resort is the best!!! Tammy and Denis and their staff provides the up most care for my Barkley!!!! They love him and all the other animals there as if they were their own!!!

When I take Barkley out there and I turn the corner he gets so excited because he knows where he is going!!! And I know he has had a good time is when I pick him up, he so tired that he can’t get that excited!!!!

Thanks Tammy and Denis and their awesome staff to having the best pet resort!!!!!

— Tomena Eddy

When I was looking around for a kennel, what I saw wasn’t impressing me until someone had suggested TLC Pet Resort.  The first time I saw the location, I was very impressed with the amount of room the dogs had!  I also loved the idea that the little dogs had their own impressive area.  Being only an eight minute drive from my house made it the most convenient place as well.

The dogs have their own rooms with a daybed for their comfort.  They have ‘real’ walls as opposed to wire mesh so they have no problem settling down at night.  I couldn’t have found a better place to leave my precious Angel.  She was a 3 year old Bichon when she first went there.  When I was picking her up, she was in no rush to go home.  She tried to get me to join her in the play area.  What a clear sign that she enjoyed her stay there!!

This was Angel’s first time at a kennel and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  Being that TLC also wants document to prove the dogs are up to date on their shots was another reassuring factor as was the fact that they request a number to contact in case of emergencies.

If you are looking for the ideal place for your pet, I highly recommend TLC Pet Resort.  The only problem might be that your dog won’t want to go home again.

— Nel

Our two dogs, Brooke (a 15 year old Lab) and Jewel (a 10 year old Havanese – lap dog) have stayed at the TLC for Pets Pet Resort at least five times over the past three plus years, winter and summer, for up to three weeks.  Tammy, Dennis and all of the staff at the Resort go to a significant effort to ensure that our family members are well taken care of during their stay.  On several occasions one or both dogs have needed medications administered and/or special diet considerations.  TLC has an excellent protocol to ensure that every staff member is aware of and provides for these special needs as required, and we can leave them, confident they will be cared for as well as if they were at home.

A great feature at TLC is the “bedroom” space provided for their canine guests.  The “suites” in which Brooke and Jewel have stayed are large enough for both of them to stay together, avoiding some of the separation anxiety they experienced at other kennels when they had to stay in separate areas.

Brooke spent over a year in an SPCA shelter before we adopted her at age 11.  In spite of that traumatic experience she settled in very well at TLC on her first stay, and took full advantage of the large outdoor play area and “hang” time with the other larger guests.  Jewel, a small and very timid dog in the presence of other dogs, mixes surprisingly well in the small dog play area.

A significant difference we have found with TLC is when we pick up our dogs, they are not dirty, matted (particularly Jewel) and smelly, as they have been after staying at other boarding kennels.  We know that we can fully enjoy their company again as soon as we pick them up.

We are very pleased to recommend TLC for Pets Pet Resort as a very high quality boarding facility for pets, for both short- and long-term stays.  In our opinion there is no other facility in this area that is comparable to TLC.

— Doug and Kathleen McLeod, Brooke and Jewel