Rules & Regulations

At TLC For Pets, we strongly believe the first priority for your pet is safety. We’ve established a set of rules and regulations that will ensure your pet and our guests have the safest and most comfortable stay possible.

For a printable copy of this page, please click here.


  • While checking in: please leave your pet in the car, until you’ve been to the front desk
  • Always leave cats in cat crates – we will accompany you to our Cat House. View cat page for more info.

Check-in’s & Check-out’s:

We are now CLOSED on ALL Statutory Holidays and may require a non refundable deposit

Our times are very strict due to the way we run our Resort. The dogs will be out and may be playing in the area you drive in. Please call if our times are hard to meet. We just may be able to help you!

    • Drop Off Times:
      • Mon-Sat 8-9am
      • Sun: 9am
    • Pick Up Times:
      • Mon-Fri: 8-9am or 4:30-5:30pm
      • Sat : 8-9am
      • Sun 9am or 4:30-5:30pm
    • Check in time is only in the morning so that your pet gets the most exercise before the first night sleep. (Also most days it takes an hour or more to introduce the dogs before they are let out to play.)
    • Keep kids and pets in vehicle while checking in. We will set up the room first and then bring your pet in last, on a leash. (Easier on your pet with fast good-byes).
    • Pets must be on a leash at all times coming and going to the pet resort. (Other vehicles coming and going on the property at the same time).
    • If arriving late, please call at least half an hour before you arrive. If gate is closed, call us to see if it is safe to enter the property, or we could make another appointment for you.
    • Early Checkout: If you would like to pick up early you could call an hour early and you might be able to pick them up as early as 3pm! Maybe sooner if they are not all wet from the pond.

First Timer’s:

To help with all new dogs coming to our Resort we have a 1-night free trial. Please contact us for more information

Food & Toys:

  • Must bring enough food for the duration, plus 3 extra days. Even if they are only staying one night please. No dishes required. Small Toys and blankets allowed.

Types of Dogs:

  • We do not accept dogs with any behavioral aggression issues . Absolutely no exceptions.
  • We do not accept un fixed dogs after 8 months of age.
  • We do not accept New dogs without a Meet and Greet and or their Free Trial
  • If your dog can not be mixed with any dog for any reason other then aggression please email us with your concern


Please note all pet owners must agree to and sign a waiver. The contract will be in print form and is similar to this.


You can pay when you check out and we accept cash or debit (no cheques).

For a printable copy of this page, please click here.