WELCOME New Customers

3 Steps! Must Complete ALL 3 Steps Please

Step 1 – Reading Rules and Regulations

Step 2 – Making a profile for you and your pets.

Step 3 – Email us answers to questions


STEP 1 – Prior to filling out your information, please read the ‘Rules and Regulations’ tab on the left hand side.

(Stat Holidays: we do have boarding pets and staff working, we are just closed to the public)



STEP 2 – PETEXEC our boarding software

Please follow ALL the steps so we can make your first visit with our excellent team here at TLC For Pets. AFTER we have updated the vet records AND your dog has had its overnight free trial, you will be able to book online yourself!

Please copy and paste the link provided below to enter you and your pet(s) into Petexec.

Make sure you add your pet(s) so we can schedule your bookings.

 Complete Petexec


All pet owners must enter BOTH owner and pet(s) into our system for us to hold a room for your pets.




  • Step 3, below, is making a profile. Please make sure you make a profile so we can make your first booking for you.
  • (a) Email us with the following information: DO NOT SKIP! (IF we do not get this information we can not help you book your pet, even if you talked to someone on the phone, we still require this information emailed to us to better look after your pet and get everything set up)
    • A detailed description of any previous or existing injuries with dates when it happened. Any existing medical conditions with required medications with times that you give, how much to give, how to give and what you will bringing to help your pet take the medication. Any medication that is half the dose MUST already be cut in half for us. Please use original packing for all meds with the proper name on it. (All Diabetic pets and Cats on medicine will need to talk to Tammy/Owner before their first booking)
    • How your pet interacts with other pets, as well as how they react to certain types of people. Please include a list of any fears or quirks your pet may have. 
    • Any future boarding dates you will require. Please note that for boarding dogs, we do require a free overnight trial before any boarding dates. Please read Step (b) below for more information.
    • Proof of vaccination, provided by your vet. For Dogs: Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Distemper/Parvo combo (DAP), and Rabies are all required to board at TLC. For Cats: Feline Leukema, Rhynotracheipis Calici Panleukopenia and Rabies. This must be a printed copy provided by the vet, hand written forms are NOT accepted as proof of vaccination. You can upload your vet records to your file once you added yourself in and we can update the vaccinations on file for you. *** You do not have access to change the dates yourself and you will not be able to book online if they are not updated through one of our staff members AFTER your trial has been approved. *** (All other small animals, vaccines are not needed at this time)


  • (b) If you have a dog, we require a Free Overnight Trial. For more information please check out our “Pricing” page. We do them Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights only. Drop off 8-9 am and picking up the following day 4:30-5:30 pm. We can do as early as 7:30 am for drop off if needed to get to work or other appointment.



All pet owners must enter BOTH owner and pet(s) into our system for us to hold a room for your pets.

 Wavier form can be signed at your first visit.

Thank You from the TLC Team!