What are some of the symptoms my pet may occur during or after their stay at TLC?

Most dogs adjust very well here as they do get to be with other dogs and staff for a large part of the day. Depending on every dog, some dogs could get the runs due to over excitement or separation anxiety. Another is if your dog is only used to minimal exercise on leash, they may over do it. The dogs are off leash and can run and play full speed for approximately 6 hours or more a day here at TLC. The dogs love to play here and do not understand that they need a rest. They hear their friends out playing and have to go, go, go until they get home. Just like us when we go on holidays! We have to fit everything in, in a day!  Also the dogs can go home and get very excited to see their owners again, also getting the runs. The runs can be easily fixed by giving them a bit of rice for a few days to settle the stomach and much needed rest from all the partying on their holiday. We do separate the dogs if they they show any signs of stress.

Some times it is the mixing of dogs that can cause some stress as they are not used to playing with a large amount of dogs. If your dog goes to dog parks on a regular basis that does help. In a typical weekend the large dog group can have as many as 30 large and the small 20 dogs. So that is a lot of action and a lot of friends. To help with your dogs stay it is a good thing to get them used to many dogs around them at the same time.

As for the cats, most do very well. Others do have the option to hide behind a couch or chair. Even the scared ones end up coming out from their hiding spots.

All these symptoms can be helped if you take us up on our free trial and a few daycare days. Bring your pet here as often as possible to help them adjust better so when you go on your holiday both you and your pet can relax.