Have a question? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

If the question you have is not answered below, please contact us. Sending an email with the website form is the easiest and quickest way to reach us and get a response!

Is TLC for Pets on well water?

No we are not. We get city water delivered that we all, staff and pets, share. LOL not from the same dish. 😉

We use well water for outdoor kiddy pools and large buckets of water. We drink from the hose and has no issues to drink. Just hard water that over time leaves white stains on things it touches.

How many staff do you have on every day?

We have 3-6 Team members working everyday as well as the owner Tammy Osborne.

Do you do daycare?

Yes we do. The dog does have to come and be well suited for our daycare routine as is is different then the typical daycare facilities. We only do daycare during our slow periods Monday through Thursday, closed Fridays, weekends, holidays and over July and August. We also have limited space and do not do drop ins. Must pre book daycare and may have an added charge if there is a no show without given cancellation 24 hours in advance to allow another daycare to take your spot. Check out our Pricing page for more details.

Do I need to bring dishes?

No, we will use all of our own dishes so that yours don’t get forgotten, mixed in with ours, or broken.

Do you mix the cats?

No we don’t. If you have more then one cat they can share. We do not mix separate family cats.

What does a pets routine look like at TLC?

Routine for the dogs is always the same. The amount of time they are outside can change due to extreme weather temperatures and/or how many groups we end up having that day after introducing all the dogs. We have 3-6 employees working every day.

Dog Routine

Small Animal House includes Cats, Small animals, Birds and Reptiles.

Small Animal Routine

Please email if you have any special requests. There may be added charges for any extra handling outside our daily routine.

Do you accept dogs that require medicine?

Yes we do! We would like them to eat it with their food or in a pill pocket/cheese. If we have to give by mouth there maybe an extra charge as it may take 2 people to do it if your pet decides we are intruding their space.

Do you accept Bully Breeds or Pitbull crosses?

You can call or email and to set up a meet and greet. If they pass that then the next step is a free trial. If they pass again then yes we do 🙂

Can my friends dog and my dog share the same room?

No. Reasoning by this is past experiences allowing people to do this. If the dogs do not sleep in the same home together they can not share a room. They will see each during play time. If your 2 dogs can not sleep in a crate together they should not share the same room.

If I have a large breed and a toy breed can they share the same room?

Yes if they live together and get along. If you can not trust them together in a crate or left in the bathroom together then they should not share the same room.

How many rooms do you have and how many dogs can you handle?

We have 56 rooms. Once they are full we are full. So it can range from 56 dogs with one dog in each room or 80 dogs some of all them have 2 or more dogs in them. That being said the rooms are only for one house hold! If you have 4 dogs they can all stay in the same room.

Do they have access outside from their room?

No they do not. Each dog is let outside with one of the workers to be mixed with other dogs to play.

My dog is really old and have hip problems. Do you take them?…

Also do you mix them with everyone still? Can you guys help them up if they needed?

Yes we do accept them! We usually have more then one dog with the same issues. They all hang out together. LOL The senior group. They get to hang out all together and lie in the sun or hang out in the lobby telling each other their own life story. If they need help we are there to help. It is really good to get your senior dog used to coming here before you go on a long trip so we can help him/her with anything we can. Works very well if they get to know us and trust us before they sleep here, as if they need help they can be grumpy with people they don’t know. Also you should call your vet and give them heads up we are looking after your loved one and what precautions you may want to take if they are needed to go to the vet.

Do you use Bark Collars?

No we do not unless the owner has approved it or brought their own and only after all options have been exhausted! If a dog is barking we assess the situation and attend to the matter at hand. For those dogs that are nervous or scared they are taken out on separate walks to help calm down. Those that are talking back lol you know the ones we use a firm NO and/or a water gun. If the dog barks over night the owner is then notified when picking up that they may need to bring one for its next visit so they are not upsetting the other dogs.

What are some of the symptoms my pet may occur during or after their stay at TLC?

Most dogs adjust very well here as they do get to be with other dogs and staff for a large part of the day. Depending on every dog, some dogs could get the runs due to over excitement or separation anxiety. Another is if your dog is only used to minimal exercise on leash, they may over do it. The dogs are off leash and can run and play full speed for approximately 6 hours or more a day here at TLC. The dogs love to play here and do not understand that they need a rest. They hear their friends out playing and have to go, go, go until they get home. Just like us when we go on holidays! We have to fit everything in, in a day!  Also the dogs can go home and get very excited to see their owners again, also getting the runs. The runs can be easily fixed by giving them a bit of rice for a few days to settle the stomach and much needed rest from all the partying on their holiday. We do separate the dogs if they they show any signs of stress.

Some times it is the mixing of dogs that can cause some stress as they are not used to playing with a large amount of dogs. If your dog goes to dog parks on a regular basis that does help. In a typical weekend the large dog group can have as many as 30 large and the small 20 dogs. So that is a lot of action and a lot of friends. To help with your dogs stay it is a good thing to get them used to many dogs around them at the same time.

As for the cats, most do very well. Others do have the option to hide behind a couch or chair. Even the scared ones end up coming out from their hiding spots.

All these symptoms can be helped if you take us up on our free trial and a few daycare days. Bring your pet here as often as possible to help them adjust better so when you go on your holiday both you and your pet can relax.