What you will need to bring:

  1. Vet records of their current vaccines (Distemper and Parvo combo, Rabies and Kennel Cough)
  2. TLC Waiver. (Can sign one at drop off)
  3. Dog food: Please only bring your dogs daily regular food that he or she is used to. Please label if you have anything going in the fridge; any canned food must be labeled. No dishes required. NO ZIP LOCK BAGS please. Food in sealed containers. Bring enough food for double their stay please.
  4. Dog blanket: If your dog has a large bed please just bring the outer cover and we will place it on a hammock that is provided in every room for them to sleep on. And YES the hammocks were made just for dogs! 2-3 inches of the floor and very comfortable! Please feel free to come have a look! (beds get washed during their week long stays) (Large beds do not fit in our washer)
  5. Leash and collar. Please no choke chains or harnesses as we do mix the dogs and don’t want anyone getting stuck.
  6. NO BONES (raw or cooked) or  Rawhides. These are very dangerous to have while boarding.

What your dog might want to bring:

  1. Their favorite bed.
  2. Their favorite toys (only for in their room)
  3. Any chew treats that the pup has had before. No bones (raw or cooked) or rawhides
  4. Their sleeping crate – they do love it in their room.
  5. Any donations of unwanted toys or beds to share.